This is the list of Abby Jensen's sixteen wishes.

Abby Jensen's 16 WishesEdit

1. I'll meet Joey Lockhart

2. I'll have the cutest clothes in school.

3. I'll decorate my room the way I want.

4. I'll like sushi!

5. I'll have a credit card like Mommy's.

6. I'll be a good dancer.

7. I'll get my driver's license.

8. I'll have my own car, preferably red.

9. People will stop treating me like a kid.

10. I'll be POPULAR!

11. I'll have my own bathroom.

12. I'll beat Krista Cook at something, anything, everything!

13. I'll come home as late as I want.

14. My parents will understand me.

15. I'll have the best party ever!

16. Logan will be my boyfriend