Live Chat is a great place to chat with your 16 Wishes Wiki friends, but there are some rules that should be followed when using chat.



  1. Please try not to use bad language on chat, as this is a family friendly wiki with younger users.
  2. You should be nice to one another, do not direct mean remarks towards other users.


  1. Spamming (posting many pointless messages) is not allowed here. It makes chat slower and makes chat boring for everybody.


  1. Do not ask for or give out personal information, or ask people things they are uncomfortable with.


If you break these rules, you will get a warning. If you continually break rules, you will be banned from chat for a certain length of time.If you get 3 warning you will get 1 kick from chat. If you get 2 kicks you will get a block. Some actions requrie an immediate block. You willl start with getting a 2 hour block every block from there will go up a day after you get another kick and the same sequence. Once you recive a block, kick ,or warning you will get a meassage on your page and ALL STAFF WILL BE NOTIFIED. If you dissagree with any block please contact the Manager of the wikia ArianaGrandeForever to disscuss the block or kick. 

If you have questions, ask the chat moderator, [[User:|User:]].

Authority in chatEdit

In chat we have 2 " officers", the chat moderator and the administrator of chat. The chat moderator can block, kick, or warn anybody in chat depending on the action. The administrator of chat can also block, kick and warn you but they can also close chat. The administrator of chat can also overule any action made by a chat moderator. The current Chat Moderator is [[User:|User:]]. The current administrator of chat is the current Executive Manager of the wiki, AGF. If you ever have any questions on chat please contact the chat staff.