General Information
Shipped Characters Abby Jensen & Jay Kepler
Length of Relationship Since they were small
Status Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Jabby (J/ay and Abby) is the romantic pairing of Jay Kepler and Abby Jensen in the Disney Channel original movie 16 Wishes.


  • Jay and Abby seem to get along well in the movie.
  • Abby and Jay have been friends since they were young.
  • Abby has a picture of Jay in her room.
  • Jay was going to hold Abby's hand, until Abby interrupted him.
  • Jay rode on Abby's car.
  • Jay gave Abby a candle.
  • Jay had a crush on Abby throughout the movie
  • They kiss at the end of the movie.
  • They become boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of the movie.