This is the site policy for the wiki, we expect them to be followed or it may result in a block.

Not reading them is not an excuse for breaking them.


1.  Bullying will not be tolerated, being disrespectful to other users can hurt them.

2.  Making useless edits is not allowed on this wiki, grammar mistakes will only receive a reminder.

3.  Do not give out any personal info!

4.  Respect all staff members!

5.  Do not spam or vandalize, what's the point of it!?

6.  No profanity will be tolearted even if you're not making fun of other users!

7.  You are not allowed to edit other people's user pages without the user's permission.

8.  Do not remove templates from page unless necessary.

9.  Do not mess up templates!

10.  Do not add inappropatete things on pages, it will immediately be removed!